On behalf of the ICCR 2010 Organizing Committee, I would like to invite you to attend the XVIth ICCR conference, which will be held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from May 31 to June 3, 2010. The meeting is paired with EPI2K10 to be held in Leuven, the subsequent week.
Although computing technology is ubiquitous in radiotherapy, the ICCR attracts the most outstanding physicists and computer scientists in the field, and has a profound impact on all technical aspects of radiotherapy.

The degrees of freedom of radiation therapy are ever increasing to design and deliver highly conformal dose distributions. Large gains are expected by modulating and adapting treatment to patient specific anatomical and functional information, guiding the delivery process by a variety of in-room imaging modalities, and assessing and modeling treatment response. The analysis of the multitude of images of the ever changing patient requires advanced computing in 2D, 3D, 4D, and 5D. We hope that you will submit many interesting papers to this ICCR, and of course we demand that you put more focus on computing aspects than you would for other meetings.

The format will be consistent with the tradition of ICCR - proffered sessions and invited presentations. We estimate participation of 500-600 radiation physicists, computer scientists, radiation oncologists, radiation therapists and other related clinical and research staff. The meeting will be held in an industrial monument near the centre of Amsterdam. We trust that this venue and the city of Amsterdam will provide a stimulating environment for an exciting scientific program as well as the ability to meet old friends and make new ones, discuss current and future collaborations as well as having an enjoyable stay.

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Any questions can be directed to our secretariat: info@iccr2010.org

Yours sincerely,

Marcel van Herk, Ph.D.
ICCR 2010.








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